Projects involving CFO Ministries?

  •  The drive to assist families locally during the holiday season
  •  Future mission planning for Honduras












What is Compassion for Others?

Compassion for Others (CFO Ministries) is a faith-based nonprofit organization. Our mission is to enrich the quality of life without discrimination for those who are disadvantaged and in need. Our mission work is based upon Matthew 22:37-40. When we live in accordance to this purpose and allow the Holy Spirit to guide our daily walk, our lives will then exhibit the love that Christ has for us.

Is CFO Ministries a church?

CFO Ministries is not a church. We are a faith-based organization comprised of many volunteers and supporters. The Board members, Director and many CFO volunteers attend various Christian evangelical churches. We share a belief in our mission work and its' purpose; and the belief that we are all called to be a neighbor to our fellow man. Everyone associated with and serving in this ministry does so on a volunteer basis. No individual receives any compensation. All donations received by this ministry are used toward projects the ministry is committed to serve. CFO Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and all donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.


You can participate with CFO Ministries through prayer, volunteering and financial support. We desire your prayers for the work of this ministry. Pray specifically that God will lead us as we serve and that through serving others that it will always be for His glory and honor. You may also give financially to support the projects to which CFO is committed. You may choose to donate items that are requested at times. Also, there are specific events when volunteers are needed and will be helpful to accomplish ministry projects. 

How does CFO MINISTRIES serve?

CFO Ministries provides food, clothing and items that are needed by individuals and families to maintain and sustain daily life. Some individuals we interact with are experiencing homelessness, unemployment, financial loss and discouragement. Our objective is to serve, uplift and encourage others by showing the love of Christ who lives in our hearts.


Yes. Please specify on your check or signify to us the project where your donation should be directed.